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The recent wildfires in California have

been an unparalleled disaster for many

communities. Having been through wildfires over many years in this State, as Architects, we have made it a point to become experts in fire-safe design techniques.

  • "Fire Smart "architectural design

  • Fire resistant materials and products

  • Defensible space and site planning

  • Survivable "safe rooms"

  • Active fire suppression systems

There are many design methods and materials that we use to mitigate the hazards of wildfire devastation.

We have utilized the Gigacrete Building System for many years. This system is a very good alternative to typical wood framed construction methods, and is excellent for fire resistant design.

This is a steel frame, rigid insulation, system that uses revolutionary FIRE PROOF plaster coatings on the interior and exterior of the structure. Any architectural style can be accommodated using this system. Click on the adjacent images for detailed information,

and here, for a video of the construction system.

We stand ready to help those who wish to rebuild.


We are offering a 10% reduction in professional fees for those who have lost their homes and want to rebuild "Fire Smart"

Please contact us for detailed information, and visit

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